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Tokyo Tour Vol.1 - Dreams Come True -
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on April 5, 2019
Available until April 5, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, the Pixie has landed. The 5th Round Kawaii Leader, Pixielocks, journeyed from Canada to Japan and we had plans ... and a few tricks up our sleeve. While she and Misha were trend-hunting in Harajuku, Pixie was given the surprise of lifetime when she emerged from a dressing room to discover her fashion idol, Sebastian Masuda, waiting to critique her designs! After sampling some kawaii desserts with Misha, our favorite magical girl served some Cardcaptor Sakura realness during a professional cosplay photoshoot. Dreams come true and we're so happy to share some of Pixielocks' with you!

00:00 - Pixielocks prepares for her transpacific flight!
00:17 - The Pixie has landed!
00:29 - This episode, explained with a little recap
01:30 - Pixielocks' Tokyo wish list, revealed
02:05 - Title screen, Tokyo Tour Vol.1 - Dreams Come True -
02:18 - Misha and Pixielocks on Harajuku's Takeshita Street
03:03 - Dream 1 > Find out what the newest cool trend is, in Harajuku!
03:10 - Clothes, accessories, toys, everything! Kawaii overload!
03:50 - Candy, stationary, and everything in-between, in every color, obvs
04:35 - Ready for a pop quiz?!
05:58 - Pixie solves the pop quiz puzzle
06:50 - Dream 2 > Visiting Pixielocks' favorite Harajuku boutique for a reunion with shop staff Kanata. Plus, the real dream of getting feedback on her clothing designs
09:09 - Pixie pulls out her sketchbook and a finished garment!
09:35 - While Pixie is in a fitting room, Sebastian Masuda, her design idol, steps into the store. We love a reveal!
09:55 - Pixielocks' reaction is priceless! Her idol is critiquing her work!
10:53 - Presentation time! Category is ... Magical Girl Birthday Extravaganza!
11:38 - Sebastian Masuda takes a closer look and is impressed with Pixie's attention to detail. As is Kanata!
12:28 - BIG NEWS! Time for our next fashion contest!
12:57 - Tokyo Photobook. Meet high school student, Maru
14:19 - Sampling delicious, kawaii desserts in Shinjuku
15:04 - Dessert buffet concept ... Strawberries and Cats. Dream 3 > Success!
16:22 - Which desserts did the ladies choose? Even the sweets have surprises!
17:58 - Pixielocks experiences a Magical Girl transformation!
18:07 - Kawaii Tutorial. Meet Uco, a paper craft artist
21:03 - GOOD NEWS! You can stream past episodes, for free, on our website!
22:28 - Dream 4 > Cardcaptor Sakura Tour!
22:39 - Pixielocks meets award winning cosplayer, and Cardcaptor Sakura megafan, Natsumi Shirahoshi. Check out her immense collection!
24:33 - Natsumi teaches Pixie the secrets behind professional-level cosplay photoshoot!
27:29 - What does Pixielocks have to say about her Dream Tour experience?
27:46 - Next Tokyo Tour, with Meg and our girl, RinRin