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Tokyo's Urban Outdoors - Kawaii, Chic & Cool
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on November 30, 2018
Available until November 30, 2019

So, you're the outdoorsy type but you just can't bail on Tokyo, the urban jungle we call home. As usual, we've got a secret. A good one. You can live the outdoor fantasy in the heart of Tokyo! There is a share house designed specifically for those who want the best of both worlds. You're not alone, fishing vests and rubber boots are being spotted all over Harajuku … after all, it is the birthplace of trends!

00:00 - Episode introduction and start!
01:18 - What's on top of Shinjuku Station?
02:02 - Tent city, on top of a city!
03:17 - The great outdoor trend!
03:26 - Outdoor concept shared apartments
04:46 - Misha and RinRin talking "glamping" in Shinjuku
05:09 - Very unique outdoor goods from Japan
05:40 - Poncho? Tent? Why yes, yes it is!
06:02 - Pop-up privacy "focus" tent
07:26 - Outdoor gear as street fashion
10:04 - Meet Yuki Chiba, outdoor style star!
12:54 - Misha and RinRin show their outdoor styles
14:43 - Tokyo Photobook
16:14 - A trip to a mobile app development agency…
18:12 - The great outdoors … in Shibuya!
19:59 - Kawaiipedia
20:57 - Are Misha and RinRin prepared for an emergency?
23:46 - Kawaii Tutorial with wrapping expert, Hiroe Miyaoka
26:56 - #NHKKawaii