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Innovative Bento - Kawaii Food On-The-Go
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on January 25, 2019
Available until January 25, 2020

Nobody ever said that bento lunchbox art is exclusively kawaii. Far from it! Bento art has become a tool of communication. A loving message from wife to husband or the scary note that, yes, mother does know you skipped out on your studies! Oh, you want to know just how? Good! You're about to find out! O-bento you better tune in!

00:00 - Episode introduction! RinRin and Misha making kawaii bento
01:26 - Bento lunchboxes of Kawaii International staff!
01:40 - Bento boxes in every shape and size
02:07 - Meet and learn from Mizuka, an extremely dedicated bento artist
05:21 - Now meet Mizuka's husband! What a cute couple!
05:42 - Back in the studio, Misha and RinRin share the standard look of bento
07:30 - History lesson time! Bento boxes have a long history in Japanese culture. There is even a bento box museum in Kyoto!
09:44 - Kawaiipedia search … Time for some more bento history
11:47 - A visit to Loft, Shibuya. This place is like a bento box shopping heaven!
13:16 - RinRin and Misha are in the kitchen using special kawaii bento-making tools
14:20 - Not quite perfect but RinRin gets an A for effort!
14:33 - How to get the right shape? Samba, samba! Samba, samba!
14:43 - Let's get to the kawaii part … decoration time!
15:38 - What could this be…? Well, it involves ham and bows
16:43 - Tokyo Photobook. Who remembers Akiyoshi Hashiguchi from our spotlight on sneakers?
18:00 - Message in a bottle? Nope! This is a message in a bento!
18:54 - Meet the Kikuta family. Kana's bento messages and Shinya's response photos have made them Instafamous
20:06 - Watch as Kana prepares and photographs the secret bento message for Shinya's lunch
22:04 - Shinya opens his bento and snaps a photo response to post on Instagram
23:07 - Misha and RinRin find some amazing mother to teenager bento communications via Instagram
24:23 - Kawaii Tutorial. Ditch the tape and learn from wrapping expert, Hiroe Miyaoka