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Ageless Kawaii
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on January 18, 2019
Available until January 18, 2020

Age ain't nothin' but a number, or that's how the saying goes. If you agree then this episode has your name written all over it. We're firm believers that kawaii knows no limits, so why would age be a restriction? That's what makes kawaii style so rad! Take all those rules and toss them out the window! You'll meet toddlers decked out in designer duds and a couple in their 60's, proving that twinning is winning. Never let a number stand in your way because a lot can happen, at any time, in your kawaii life!

00:05 - RinRin appears … Episode start!
01:18 - A magazine devoted to parent-child themed living
01:36 - Momoko Yamada, the editor in chief, explains her vision
01:58 - Mom & me branding!
02:52 - Meet Michiko Ubukata and her daughter Ami!
03:50 - Meet Tsumire and her daughter, Ivy!
06:38 - In the studio with a guest, Fantasista Sakurada!
09:08 - Kawaii maternity wear?!
11:25 - Rise of the "Ikumen"!
12:28 - Kawaiipedia!
12:56 - Visiting a childrenswear specialty shop in Daikanyama
13:30 - Where does a child get so much money??
13:50 - Boutique sneaker shopping … for toddlers?!
15:34 - Tokyo Photobook, featuring Hironori Aki Akiyama
17:02 - Senior kawaii style!
18:35 - Meet the over 60's SNS celebrity couple: Bon and Pon!
19:16 - Check out Emiko Toguchi, living her best fashion life at 95!
20:03 - Kawaii in Real Life, with original kawaii leader Eva Cheung in Hong Kong! #NHKkawaii
24:40 - Kawaii Tutorial with craft designer, Yuki Inomata. Learn to make a saddlebag with children's old jeans!