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Upcycle Your Kawaii
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on January 11, 2019
Available until January 11, 2020

Growing up outside of Japan, being wasteful was frowned upon but there wasn't a big deal. Meanwhile, Japan has a long history of not being wasteful. It even has its own word! Mottainai! Why let anything go to waste, when you can take whatever you have and make the most of it! Take that trash, and turn it into treasure! Misha and RinRin have some treasures in the studio while Mr. Yabatan is on the road again and you won't believe where he ends up! Care for sushi in a sento?

00:00 - Misha is not pleased with RinRin's throw away attitude. Episode introduction!
01:25 - Meet Daisuke Ishikawa, upcycle bag designer
03:36 - Meet Ayako Yoshii, who uses vintage kimono to craft one-of-a-kind parasols!
06:07 - RinRin and Misha present a finished parasol, in the studio
06:31 - Upcycle Pop Quiz!
07:07 - Buckle up! Seatbelts are the new bowtie! Made by designers Tetsushi Hasegawa and Mayuko Tsunoda
07:27 - Construction signage turned into a skateboard!
08:14 - Tairyobata flags made ready-to-wear by designer kakako
09:14 - Tokyo Photobook → Zutti Mattia, a beauty school student
10:49 - Journey to a very busy recycling plant
12:19 - Visiting a Nihonbashi co-working office space, creatively furnished with upcycled goods
14:21 - Misha and RinRin explain how serious Japan is about recycling rules
15:01 - The ladies make custom buttons, out of fabric scraps!
17:25 - Mr. Yabatan is back! We join him on his Tokyo Renovation Tour!
22:53 - Kawaii Tutorial - Basket bag making with Yuki Inomata
26:30 - #NHKkawaii