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We've Got Kawaii in the Bag
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on January 4, 2019
Available until January 4, 2020

It is a known fact that a woman does carry an evening bag at dinner time. Truthfully, we live in the busiest times in the history of the human race. You shouldn't get ready, you need to stay ready. The sheer volume of necessary products and items, no matter your profession or gender, can be shocking and, if you're not careful, just end up in a giant mess. Join us as we learn how to put every inch of space to use, in any bag, that'll keep you ready, to walk into the room purse first.

00:31 - Title and episode description
01:30 - Tokyo bag search! Mr. Yabatan's adventure in Harajuku
04:00 - The bag search continues, Mr. Yabatan meets 3 businesswomen at Tokyo Station
07:03 - In the studio with Misha, RinRin and Mr. Yabatan
07:31 - Meet Taiyou, a serious bag collector
09:31 - Taiyou empties her purse for a #whatsinmybag photo
10:04 - Take a look at #whatsinmybag, in the studio
10:46 - Tokyo Photobook → Maiko, a nail salon owner
12:03 - Hyper Japan U.K. is happening now!
12:29 - Manami's problematic bag
13:01 - Kawaii Hacks: professional organizer, Mayumi Nakayama to the rescue!
15:55 - An impossible task … Organizing Misha's bag
17:24 - Organized! … or is it?
17:47 - Bag in a bag
18:15 - Kawaiipedia: Small pouches in Japanese culture
19:50 - Cute pouches!
22:30 - Meet avant-garde bag designer, Yu Ogasawara
23:57 - Kawaii Tutorial! Meet hairstylist, Yoshiaki Watanabe
26:26 - FREE streaming!
26:49 - #NHKkawaii
27:36 - Next time … Upcycle Your Kawaii