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Heads UP! Japan's Head Accessory Craze
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on July 6, 2018
Available until July 6, 2019

A certain Australian songstress famously claims "I just can't get you out of my head..." In Japan's case, it's a little higher up. Hats and headwear are all the rage, ranging from the ordinary to the outrageous and we are living for it! You'll meet serious hat collectors and learn the science behind choosing the perfect hat for yourself. Seriously! There's an equation and all! Watch as Mr. Yabatan and RinRin put the equation to the test and see Misha channel her inner Isabella Blow. This is just too good to miss!

01:05 - Title
01:42 - Hats on the Streets of Harajuku
03:38 - Meet Merry, Hat Collector!
04:46 - Kawaii Hacks
05:53 - Misha and RinRin's Favorite Hats
08:22 - Kawaiipedia
10:19 - Face Shape Formula, with Yuko Sumi
12:08 - The Science of Hat Shopping
15:10 - Hair Trends and Hats with Erika Nakahara
16:24 - Production Team Hat Check
17:21 - Misha Serves Bushido Realness
18:57 - Tokyo Photobook → Hiromi
19:19 - Good News! Hyper Japan U.K. Information
20:49 - Hair Accessories
24:04 - Kawaii Tutorial! Meet Hair Stylist Yoshiaki Watanabe
27:11 - Free Streaming!
27:36 - Next Time... We've Got Kawaii in the Bag