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Home Sweet Home: Creative Tokyo Living
Kawaii International
27m 30s

Broadcast on September 7, 2018
Available until September 7, 2019

Tokyo is a fast-paced, neon wilderness and, at times, really does feel a bit like living in the future. Newsflash from the future: Tokyo living is crowded! Apartments are on the small side and when you factor in a vast collection of clothing and accessories … this isn't the future, at all! This is a giant game of Tetris! Grab your notebook because the class is in session. By the time this episode is done you'll feel like you're living in a palace. Oh, and don't worry, sacrificing your kawaii aesthetic is not an option.

01:21 - Yukiko Morita explains bread lamps
02:30 - See how bread lamps are made
03:24 - Bread décor for your home
04:17 - The studio becomes a Breadroom!
06:21 - Tokyo Photobook: Saga_, a student
07:46 - Yuchina Fujisawa's struggle: a very messy room
08:38 - Kojimagic to the rescue!
10:10 - Kawaii Hacks: Kojimagic's storage training
13:15 - Yuchina's room, before and after
13:57 - Misha's methods of storage magic
15:42 - More Kawaii Hacks! Misha and RinRin face off in a folding competition
17:46 - Kawaii IRL: Kaila Ocampo
22:11 - Kawaii Tutorial: Make a 100-yen shop sliding jewelry box, with Chiaki
26:16 - NHK Video-on-Demand and #NHKKawaii