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Home Sweet Home: Kawaii Home Tour
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on August 31, 2018
Available until August 31, 2019

Long ago, a young girl clicked the heels of her ruby slippers together chanting "There's no place like home…" It turns out, she was right. Let us take you on an adventure around Tokyo to see unbelievable houses and meet the lucky few who simply think of it as "home". The studio gets a wee makeover, Mr. Yabatan goes back in time, and we even get a glimpse of both Misha's and RinRin's apartments! Just click your heels together, 3 times…

01:01 - Studio makeover, courtesy of Tomomi Nagayama
01:26 - Watch Tomomi work her magic
02:10 - Before and after, explained by Tomomi
05:47 - A visit to Misha's and RinRin's apartments
07:18 - Tomomi's rules of decoration
07:53 - Tokyo Photobook: Nahotass, shop staff
09:21 - Meet the Hasegawa family and see their outdoor style home
11:32 - Meet the Kiribuchi family and see their fantasyland home
13:43 - Less stuff, more happiness: minimalist rooms explained
15:51 - Meet Kumi Ikeda, and welcome to her dollhouse
18:19 - Mr. Yabatan meets Haruhiko Kohri and Kayo Asai, who live a 1920's lifestyle
21:32 - Mr. Yabatan in the studio… "Are you ready?"
23:14 - Kawaii Tutorial: Make a 100-yen shop page-a-day calendar, with Chiaki
26:00 - NHK Video-on-Demand and #NHKKawaii.
27:36 - Next time: Home Sweet Home: Creative Tokyo Living