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Osaka-Style Kawaii: Unique Trends
Kawaii International
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Broadcast on May 4, 2018
Available until May 4, 2019

New York claims to be the center of the universe. New Yorkers also make such a claim. Now, we adore New York City but... Tokyo is the true center of the universe. We, literally, live in the future. Perhaps we'll have to agree to disagree, on this one.
Once in awhile we, in Tokyo, forget that there are incredible cities, all over Japan. Each its own brand of cool, kawaii, and unique style. And you know what? It's time we did some exploring! Join one of our new besties, Mr. Yabatan, as he takes us on a tour of Osaka. Mr. Yabatan meets the people of Osaka, in a way only he can, who march to beat of their own drum. No joke, there are sequins, neon leggings, and leopard printed grannies. C'mon Osaka kawaii-style! Let's get sickening!

00:36 Osaka Style, unique trends
01:14 Exploring with Mr. Yabatan
04:44 What does Mr. Yabatan think is different about Osaka style?
07:37 A very unique shop, with designer Masako Shinya
11:45 Makeover time! Mr. Yabatan gets an Osaka style makeover
12:54 Misha and RinRin's souvenirs from Mr. Yabatan
14:45 Tokyo Photobook - Sakura Nakajima
17:07 GAO! Meet the animal print obsessed old ladies of Osaka
19:09 Another Yabatan makeover and more souvenirs!
22:07 Kawaii Tutorial
26:32 #NHKKawaii - See what you've been sharing
27:59 Next time, on Kawaii International