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Tokyo Sneaker Heads: Customize Your Kicks
Kawaii International
27m 30s

Broadcast on October 19, 2018
Available until October 19, 2019

There are so many exciting sneaker trends happening in Tokyo, that one episode wasn't enough! See how authentic, handcrafted sneakers are made before RinRin takes us to a shop, in Shimokitazawa, that will create your personally designed shoes! Back in the studio you'll learn how you should actually be tying your shoelaces. Plus, we've got a brand new Kawaii IRL! See how Sano makes kawaii a part of her life, in Bahrain! This episode sets the record straight. No spoilers, but sometimes the sequel is just as good as the original!

00:47 - Visiting the shop of the featured sneaker brand
02:33 - See the process of handcrafting sneakers
05:30 - Misha shares her recommended sneaker brand
06:37 - Tokyo Photobook - Muyua, a colorful gentleman
07:47 - Mission Kawaii - RinRin makes her own sneakers
12:09 - See RinRin's final designed shoes
13:43 - Learn to customize how you lace your shoes
20:29 - Kawaii IRL - Meet Sano, from Bahrain
26:22 - #NHKkawaii! See what viewers have been sharing