It's a Fact - Weather Pains Are Real!

Science View

28m 00s
Broadcast on October 25, 2022 Available until October 25, 2023

The term "weather pains" encompasses a variety of pains that people feel when the weather changes for the worse, ranging from headaches to stiff shoulders, joint pain, back pain or fatigue. The phenomenon is estimated to affect more than 10 million people in Japan, and its mechanism had long been shrouded in mystery. However, after 15 years of research, a Japanese physician succeeded in identifying the cause – the vestibular system in the inner ear reacting to changes in atmospheric pressure. In this episode, we follow weather pains specialist Dr. Jun SATO as his patients lead him to uncover the three major patterns that prompt weather pains. Then, in our J-Innovators segment, we'll take a closer look at a new type of cutlery that brings out the true flavor of food.

A Flavor Revolution with Zirconia Cutlery

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