A Look at CO2 Reduction Technology

Science View

28m 00s
Broadcast on June 21, 2022 Available until June 21, 2023

Carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery technologies are attracting attention as a means of halting global warming. The hope is that by capturing and sequestering CO2, we will be able to mitigate the effects of climate change, and a variety of approaches are being proposed. Using one method called Direct Air Capture (DAC) which collects CO2 from the air, a Japanese university student has invented and begun selling a compact DAC machine the size of a suitcase. Another technology developed at Kyushu University utilizes a special thin membrane that allows only CO2 to pass through, and the university is working on a device to convert the collected CO2 into ethanol and other resources. We'll take a closer look at these technologies and other methods being developed in Japan to capture CO2. Then, our Takumi / J-Innovators corner in the latter half of the program features a vegetable cultivation kit with automatic LED lighting control that enables even amateur farmers to grow value-added vegetables rich in taste and nutritional value.

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