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Manga "Sangokushi Meshi"
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Broadcast on November 5, 2019
Available until January 15, 2021

In this episode of imagine-nation, we're featuring "Sangokushi Meshi," a cooking manga that's being serialized on WEB Comic Tom since March 2017. In order to write this manga, Honjo, the author received the help of Akira Motegi, the leading Japanese expert on Chinese Dim Sums who has served as a head Dim Sum chef at famous restaurants and hotels inducing Keio Plaza Hotel and Hotel New Otani, to supervise the cooking. The manga's publisher Ushio Publishing is also known for specializing in China. They've published Mitsuteru Yokoyama's "Sangokushi" and have even put out an academic book called "China's Civilization" from its manga editorial department. They collected a variety of materials for this manga including the "Qimin Yaoshu" which is said to be the oldest existing Chinese cookbook. Just how do they reproduce the ancient Chinese cuisine which we only know through academic materials? Honjo, the author will be joining us as a studio guest to talk about the appeal of this cooking manga, and we'll also be visiting his manga studio, the editorial department, and the scene of cooking supervision!