Trails to Tasty Tokyo
13m 59s

Broadcast on April 29, 2021
Available until April 29, 2022

Our program "Trails to Tasty Tokyo" introduces a wide range of foods found at the city’s markets including Toyosu. In this episode, we focus on hijiki, which is a variety of edible seaweed the Japanese have eaten for over 1000 years. Japan is said to be the only country in the world where hijiki is consumed on a daily basis. It absorbs the umami of the ingredients it's cooked with. Also, it is low in calories and rich with nutrients. We visit Mie, a well-known hijiki production site since ancient times. We also see how Japanese people cook hijiki. (This program was broadcast on December 2, 2020.)

photo Hijiki is black and resembles dried tea leaves. photo NHK WORLD-JAPAN reporter Dasha visited dried seaweed shop. photo The divers who collect hijiki are mostly females who are known as Ama. photo Spaghetti with a hijiki-based sauce.