Trails to Tasty Tokyo
13m 58s

Broadcast on October 21, 2020
Available until November 4, 2021

Our program "Trails to Tasty Tokyo" introduces a wide range of foods found at the city’s markets including Toyosu. In this episode, we focus on eggplant, known in Japanese as nasu, a vegetable that plays an integral part of the Japanese diet. Over the years, Japan has developed a large number of local varieties, each fitting the climate where grown. Niigata is known as one of Japan’s leading rice producers. In addition to this well-known fact, the eggplant cultivation area in this prefecture is the largest in all of Japan. We visit Niigata Prefecture and see how Japanese people love the vegetable. (This program was broadcast on October 7, 2020.)

photo There are many different kinds of eggplants in Toyosu market. photo Yaki-nasu eggplants can grow to about 30 centimeters, just above the field. photo Green eggplant, Sasakami-nasu is a rare and precious variety. photo Farmers love various eggplant dishes.