Trails to Tasty Tokyo
12m 16s

Broadcast on February 24, 2021
Available until April 29, 2022

Our program "Trails to Tasty Tokyo" introduces a wide range of foods found at the city’s markets including Toyosu. In this episode, we focus on kanpyo, which are processed food born in Japan. They look like white flat noodles, and are boiled in soy sauce and sugar, and often used in sushi rolls. We introduce the hidden pillar of Japanese dishes, kanpyo. (This program was broadcast on August 5, 2020.)

photo Farmers bring bottle gourds inside and hang them on poles to dry. photo NHK WORLD-JAPAN reporter Saskia Thoelen visits a wholesaler of dried food products. photo A bottle gourd is shaved to a three-millimeter thickness to produce kanpyo. photo Grilled Tochigi beef with kanpyo and onion confit