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Ambassador for My Town of Adoption

Workpedia Japan

Broadcast on March 3, 2022 Available until March 17, 2023

Workpedia Japan focuses on the lives of foreign nationals working in Japan. On this episode, we visit Polish Anika Godek at the Fuchu City Hall in Tokyo where she promotes the town's appeal to visitors from abroad.

Anika Godek has been working in public relations at the Fuchu City Hall since 2018.
Anika's work mainly consists of going around Fuchu, visiting locations and covering events about which she writes on the city's website and social media for a worldwide audience.
Since Anika started working to promote the city, Fuchu's official social media accounts have gained in popularity.
Anika visits Mr. Kikuchi, a blueberry farmer in Fuchu. Testing for commercial blueberry farming in Japan first started in Fuchu in the 1960s. Today the area counts many blueberry orchards.

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