A Barista Moving Ever Forward
Workpedia Japan
11m 08s

Broadcast on May 20, 2021
Available until June 3, 2022

We meet a Korean woman who prepares espressos and a variety of other kinds of coffee as the head barista of a café at a Tokyo hotel. Workpedia Japan - a window into the lives of people from around the world who've chosen Japan as their workplace. (This program was broadcast on May 6, 2021.)

photo Aged 36, Woo Youngju has been the head barista of a café at a hotel in Shibuya since 2017. The Shibuya area is the trendsetting center of Tokyo’s youth culture. photo The most important preparation before opening is to determine the espresso flavor. The beans’ condition varies every day according to temperature and humidity. So, it’s important to fine-tune the extraction. photo With subtle movements of her arm holding the milk pitcher, the milk creates a beautiful white leaf pattern on the brown surface of the coffee. This is latte art. photo Kominami Aya is the planning director of food and beverage services at the hotel. Encouraged by Aya’s enthusiasm, Youngju decided to participate in the work to prepare the café’s opening.