For the Love of Life and Barbells
Workpedia Japan
10m 48s

Broadcast on April 21, 2021
Available until May 12, 2022

We meet a Greek man who’s a factory manager for a weightlifting equipment manufacturer. Workpedia Japan - a window into the lives of people from around the world who've chosen Japan as their workplace. (This program was broadcast on January 13 2021.)

photo Anastasios Pappas, a 37-year-old Greek native has been working at a barbell factory in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward since 2010. photo Anastasios is actually a former weightlifter. He was the runner-up in the 2003 Greek nationals. photo Uesaka Tadamasa, the owner and CEO of the company. He visited Greece for work and met Anastasios who was working as a volunteer for the Games’ weightlifting events. The two of them soon hit it off and became good friends. photo They receive orders from all over the world for their barbells. Anastasios is confident and takes pride in the quality of the products he and his team make with skill and experience.