Living Alongside Bears
Workpedia Japan
12m 15s

Broadcast on December 23, 2020
Available until April 7, 2022

We visit a young woman from the UK who has been working on the research and protection of wild Asian black bears in Japan. Workpedia Japan - a window into the lives of people from around the world who've chosen Japan as their workplace. (This program was broadcast on December 9, 2020.)

photo 24-year-old Amelia Joyce Hiorns. Her work is to research and protect wild bears in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture. photo Amelia has been working at the NPO Picchio Wildlife Research Center since 2019. The center is tasked by local government to survey the living conditions of bears. photo At midnight, Amelia and her teammate locate their collared bears using their telemetry equipment as part of night patrol. The center currently monitors the movements of around 40 bears. photo There are two bear dogs in the center. The "bear dogs" have undergone training that makes them capable of telling bears apart by smell and to drive them away into the woods.