A Vietnamese Woman Working to Develop Downtown Tokyo
Workpedia Japan
11m 52s

Broadcast on October 28, 2020
Available until November 11, 2021

We meet a Vietnamese woman who is working to bring new development to Tokyo's Shibuya Ward. Workpedia Japan - a window into the lives of people from around the world who've chosen Japan as their workplace. (This program was broadcast on October 14, 2020.)

photo The firm Doan Le Hai Ngoc works for is one of the leaders in urban development in Japan. Shibuya, where her office is located, is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project. photo Doan is leading a meeting. She is involved in a project to build a new tourist information center in front of Shibuya Station. photo Doan with the head of the team she belongs to. He intentionally assigns younger Doan to doing more challenging tasks. photo Doan is pointing at a giant digital sign of Shibuya that was constructed in 2019. Doan and her team are in charge of managing the operation and content of the display.