Aiming to Be the Best Team
Workpedia Japan
11m 31s

Broadcast on March 3, 2021
Available until March 3, 2022

Workpedia Japan - a window into the lives of people from around the world who’ve chosen Japan as their workplace. This time, we meet Bijaya Acharya from Nepal working as the manager of a Japanese-style dining bar called "izakaya." (This program was broadcast on August 12, 2020.)

photo Bijaya Acharya is the manager of a Japanese-style dining bar in Ginza, one of Japan’s best-known commercial districts in downtown Tokyo. photo Bijaya grills yakitori, or skewered chicken, one of the bar’s specialties. photo Kato Kota has been supporting Bijaya, the first non-Japanese permanent employee at his company. photo Bijaya and his staff have been awarded the best teamwork prize by the operator.