Conquering COVID-19: The Philippines
Side by Side
11m 17s

Broadcast on October 29, 2020
Available until November 12, 2021

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the globe. The virus is affecting people's livelihood, and those who were suffering financially from before the pandemic are now having a hard time putting food on the table. In the Philippines, a Japanese non-governmental organization continues its activities to help poor families, braving the risk of infection. We focus on one Japanese and his local staff who deliver relief supplies to those in need in the face of various restrictions. (This program was broadcast on October 15, 2020.)

photo ICAN (International Children's Action Network) based in Japan continues to deliver relief supplies to low-income families amid the pandemic. photo Fukuta Hiroyuki heads ICAN's Philippines branch. photo Local staffer Mariditha Mondares participates in ICAN activities while working as a nurse.