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"J.League Celebrates 30th Anniversary"

Learn Japanese from the News

Broadcast on July 3, 2023 Available until July 2, 2024

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News." In this program we learn Japanese and more about Japan from news stories presented in simple Japanese. Today's headline is "J.League Celebrates 30th Anniversary" which was published on NEWS WEB EASY's website on May 16, 2023. Keywords include「プロ puro」"professional" and「交流(こうりゅう)kooryuu」"exchange or interaction."



"J.League Celebrates 30th Anniversary"

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News."
Join us as we learn Japanese and about the country through Japanese news stories. Today's headline is…

"J.League Celebrates 30th Anniversary"
This news story was published on NEWS WEB EASY's website on May 16th.
Now let's go over some vocab words that will help us understand what's going on.
pro, as in professional
J. League, which is Japan's professional soccer league.
exchange or interaction
Let's keep these words in mind as we listen.
J. League celebrated its 30th anniversary on May 15th.
Supporters named 43-year-old midfielder Endo Yasuhito the MVP of the league's first 30 years.

Now we'll break down a few sentences from the story that contain helpful expressions and keywords.
Let's start with the following sentence:
"On May 15th, 1993, the professional soccer league known as J.League was established in Japan."
The word プロ is short for プロフェッショナル(professional). Here it refers to people who earn a living in an occupation such as a sport. For example, a professional baseball player is プロ野球(やきゅう)選手(せんしゅ). A professional soccer player is プロサッカー選手(せんしゅ). And a professional golfer is プロゴルファー.
The opposite of プロ is "amateur." In Japanese we say アマチュア or アマ for short.
Prior to the creation of J. League, soccer in Japan was an amateur team sport.
Alright, let's move on to our next sentence.
"Nagoya Grampus has been interacting with the local Brazilian community and working to create a society where people from all walks of life can live side-by-side."
交流(こうりゅう)means "exchange," that is, the act of trading information and opinions with others as a way to build a relationship. More specifically, it's a term we use to describe people from different regions or organizations visiting each other and sharing knowledge and ideas.
For example, 国際交流(こくさいこうりゅう)means "international exchange" or "foreign exchange." It involves creating opportunities for people from different countries to interact with each other.
We also have what we call 交流会(こうりゅうかい), which is a "social gathering" or "meetup." It's a chance to meet new people and get to know each other. In this context, 交流(こうりゅう)refers to "mixing" and "mingling."
And that's all for today.
When J. League kicked off it had just 10 teams, but today that's grown to 60. It really speaks to how popular soccer has become here. In fact, according to one survey of schoolchildren, soccer player is the number one dream job among boys.
That's cute. There are many J. League players that have gone on to play for international teams in countries like Germany and the U.K. It's inspiring to see them do so well.
And be sure to tune in next time for more!

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