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"Rice-Themed Facility Opens Near Tokyo Station"

Learn Japanese from the News

Broadcast on March 13, 2023 Available until March 12, 2024

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News." In this program we learn Japanese and more about Japan from news stories presented in simple Japanese. Today's headline is "Rice-Themed Facility Opens Near Tokyo Station" which was published on NEWS WEB EASY's website on January 13, 2023. Keywords include「米(こめ)kome」"rice" and「栄養がある(えいようがある)eiyoo ga aru」"nutritious."



"Rice-Themed Facility Opens Near Tokyo Station"

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News."
Join us as we learn Japanese and about the country from Japanese-language news stories. Today's headline is…

"Rice-Themed Facility Opens Near Tokyo Station"
This news story was published on NEWS WEB EASY's website on January 13th.
Now let's go over some vocab words that will help us understand what's going on.
Let's keep these words in mind as we listen.
Today's story is about a new rice-themed facility that recently opened near Tokyo Station.
It contains a number of stores, including a shop that sells varieties of brand-name rice from 26 areas across Japan, and an Italian restaurant that serves pasta made from rice flour and sweets made with rice shochu liquor.

Now we'll break down a few sentences from the story that contain helpful expressions and keywords.
Let's start with the following sentence.
"A company that makes agricultural machinery opened a rice-themed facility in a building near Tokyo Station on January 13th."
米(こめ)or "rice," is a staple of the Japanese diet. We call cooked rice ごはん. Both 米(こめ)and ごはん refer to rice, but 米(こめ)specifically refers to uncooked rice or rice as an ingredient.
ごはん is also the general word for a "meal." So breakfast is 朝(あさ)ごはん, lunch is 昼(ひる)ごはん, and dinner is 晩(ばん)ごはん.
We can use ごはん in this way even if the meal doesn't include rice. So the sentence 朝(あさ)ごはんにいつもパンを食(た)べています doesn't mean that someone eats both rice and bread for breakfast. Rather, they're saying they eat bread.
If someone asks you ごはん食(た)べた? they're not asking if you ate rice specifically — they're simply asking if you've eaten.
I think this word really expresses how important rice is to Japanese culture.
OK, let's move on to our next sentence.
"An Italian restaurant serves pasta made with rice flour and sweets made with rice shochu liquor."
So this restaurant offers a variety of dishes made from rice.
焼酎(しょうちゅう)is a type of distilled spirit made from ingredients such as rice, barley, or sweet potatoes.
In contrast, 酒(さけ)is brewed from fermented rice.
So while both 酒(さけ)and 焼酎(しょうちゅう)can be made from rice, they are completely different types of alcohol.
OK, that's all for today.
All right, be sure to tune in next time for more!

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