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"New 'Soy Meat' Resembles Thick Bites of Real Meat"

Learn Japanese from the News

Broadcast on August 15, 2022 Available until August 14, 2023

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News." In this program we learn Japanese and more about Japan from news stories presented in simple Japanese. Today's headline is "New 'Soy Meat' Resembles Thick Bites of Real Meat," which is put on NEWS WEB EASY's website on July 11, 2022. Keywords include such as 「健康(けんこう)kenkoo」"health" and 「肉のような(にくのような)niku no yoona」"meat-like."



"New 'Soy Meat' Resembles Thick Bites of Real Meat"

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News."
Join us as we learn Japanese and about the country from Japanese-language news stories. Today's headline is…

"New 'Soy Meat' Resembles Thick Bites of Real Meat"
This news story was published on NEWS WEB EASY's website on July 11th.
Now, let’s go over a few keywords that’ll help us understand what’s going on.
meat-like (that is, "similar to meat")
Let’s keep these words in mind as we listen.
As more and more consumers become health and eco-conscious about their food choices, there's growing demand for meat alternatives such as soy-based meat. Our story today is about a company that held a tasting event where they served over 10 dishes made with their soy meat products.

Now we’ll break down a few sentences from the news story that contain helpful expressions and keywords.
Let’s start with the following sentence.
"With more people being mindful about their health and the environment, products such as "soy meat" ― a meat-like product made from soybeans ― are becoming popular."
気(き)をつける means "to be careful" or "pay attention" in order to avoid a bad situation.
For example, 健康(けんこう)に気(き)をつける means to be mindful of one's health. 環境(かんきょう)に気(き)を付(つ)ける means making a conscious effort to take care of the environment.
In the context of today's story, 環境(かんきょう)refers to the environmental effects of meat production and consumption, specifically the methane emitted by livestock as a byproduct of their digestive process. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas.
Plant-based meat alternatives like soy meat are on the rise as countries around the world work toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
OK, let's move on to the following sentence.
"More than 10 different dishes were offered, including soy meat versions of stew and mapo tofu over rice."
マーボー豆腐(どうふ)is "mapo tofu," a popular Chinese dish of tofu and minced meat in a spicy sauce. 
The 丼(どん)in マーボー豆腐丼(どうふどん)comes from the word どんぶり, which refers to a relatively large and deep bowl for serving rice or noodles.
When we add 丼(どん)after the name of a dish, it means the dish is served in a bowl over rice.
So「牛丼」(ぎゅうどん)is topped with beef, カツ丼(どん)with pork cutlet, 親子丼(おやこどん)with chicken and egg, and まぐろ丼(どん)with Bluefin tuna.
Rice bowls make for a quick, filling, and inexpensive meal.
And that's all for today.
Tune in next time for more!

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