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"More Convenience Stores Offering Prescription Medication Pickup Service"

Learn Japanese from the News

Broadcast on July 11, 2022 Available until July 10, 2023

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News." In this program we learn Japanese and more about Japan from news stories presented in simple Japanese. Today's headline is "More Convenience Stores Offering Prescription Medication Pickup Service," which is put on NEWS WEB EASY's website on June 15, 2022. Keywords include such as 「薬局(やっきょく)yakkyoku」"pharmacy" and 「コンビニ(こんびに)konbini」"convenience store".



"More Convenience Stores Offering Prescription Medication Pickup Service"

Welcome to "Learn Japanese from the News."
Join us as we learn Japanese and about the country from Japanese-language news stories. Today's headline is…

"More Convenience Stores Offering Prescription Medication Pickup Service"
This is a news story that was published on NEWS WEB EASY's website on June 15th.
Before we listen to the story in full, let's go over a few keywords that'll help us understand what's going on.
This is short for コンビニエンスストア, that is, "convenience store"
Let's keep these words in mind as we listen.
So this story is about a new service being rolled out in Tokyo that allows patients to pick up prescription drugs at their local convenience store without having to go to a pharmacy. It came about in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now we break down a few sentences from the news story that contain helpful expressions and keywords.
Let's start with the following sentence.

"An increasing number of convenience stores are offering a 24-hour service that makes it possible to pick up prescription drugs after visiting the hospital without having to go to a pharmacy."
薬局(やっきょく)is pharmacy – a place where doctor-prescribed medicines are prepared and sold by a licensed pharmacist.
When you receive a prescription from a doctor in Japan, you
take the prescription to a 薬局(やっきょく). There will be a pharmacist behind the counter who will dispense your medication.
In Japan, pharmacies are distinct from drugstores, but many drugstores have a pharmacist on duty who can fill your prescription.
The Japanese word for prescription is 処方箋(しょほうせん). This is an important one to know.
処方(しょほう)means "to prescribe," that is, to give directions for the preparation and use of a medicinal drug according to a patient's symptoms. That includes drug type, amount, and dosage. 処方箋(しょほうせん)refers to the written prescription itself.
In Japan, patients receive a 処方箋(しょほうせん)from their doctor and take that to a pharmacist at a 薬局(やっきょく).
OK, let's move on to the following sentence.
"Customers receive an explanation of their medication online from a pharmacist."

薬剤師(やくざいし)means "pharmacist." Instructions for medication can be complicated, so you always want to receive counseling from a 薬剤師(やくざいし).
In the word 薬剤師(やくざいし), the kanji for 師 refers to a person who serves as a role model for others, and teaches knowledge and skills.
Other words that end in 師(し)include 教師(きょうし), "teacher," 技師(ぎし), "engineer," and 美容師(びようし), "beautician."
And that's all for today.
Be sure to tune in next week for more!

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