Glow in the Dark Pigments
Japan's Top Inventions
11m 04s

Broadcast on May 19, 2021
Available until May 19, 2022

The behind-the-scenes tales of hit products and creations from Japan: this is Japan's Top Inventions. This time, glow in the dark pigments, which absorb light to glow in the dark. A version of these pigments that contain no radioactive substances was invented in Japan in 1993. They’re now used worldwide in products like watch faces and emergency signage. We learn the little-known story behind the pigments’ creation, including how they were born from a company which was on the brink of bankruptcy. (This program was broadcast on May 5, 2021.)

photo The pigments glowing after absorbing light photo Emergency signage painted with the pigments photo Nemoto Ikuyoshi, the chairman and CEO of the company that invented the pigments photo Aoki Yasumitsu, who was in charge of the pigments’ development