12m 23s

Making Peace With My Father

Hometown Stories

Broadcast on March 1, 2022 Available until March 15, 2023

We meet Kuroi Akio, a man who says he had always hated his own father. His father who returned from WWII was a shell of a man. What did he experience on the battlefield? Thirty-one years after his father's death, we followed Akio for one summer in his search to shed light on his father's emotional scars left by war.

Kuroi Akio, aged 72, visits his father's grave. His relationship with his father, a former soldier, had troubled him.
Kuroi created a place for families of former soldiers to interact. Various documents are on display of former soldiers with emotional scars left by war.
A video of Kuroi's late father. Unable to interact, even with his grandchildren, he remained silent amid the merry laughter of family members.
An album of Kuroi's father during his soldier days, retrieved from his home. It contained images Kuroi had never seen before.

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