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Living Alongside Disaster

Hometown Stories

Broadcast on February 15, 2022 Available until March 1, 2023

In July 2020, Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan's western region of Kyushu was hit by record rainfall. Flooding of the Kuma River, which runs through mountainous areas, destroyed 4,600 houses either totally or partially, leaving 65 people dead. Slow progress of restoration is making the residents increasingly uncertain about their future. The program looks at the lives of people in the afflicted areas. (This program was broadcast on February 1, 2022.)

Kuma Village's Konose area was severely affected by the flood. More than 300 villagers are still living in temporary houses, tens of kilometers away from home.
The Kuma River runs for 115 kilometers. Large parts of its basin were devastated by the floods.
While 80% of Konose residents hope to rebuild their homes, the municipal office made a report, estimating the time required to implement flood control measures at five to ten years.

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