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Being LGBT+ in a Small Town

Hometown Stories

Broadcast on January 18, 2022 Available until February 1, 2023

Identifying as LGBT+, Fujiya Ami doesn't want to be categorized as either male or female and has no romantic feelings for others. After working in Tokyo as a "woman," Fujiya couldn't go on pretending and moved to a small community in western Japan. Preferring to deal with others on the basis of personality rather than gender, Fujiya finds a way to live in a rural area where traditional gender identity remains strong. (This program was broadcast on January 4, 2022.)

Fujiya Ami came across a help-wanted ad on the Internet and decided to move to Shimane Prefecture.
Working as a clerk at the town office, Fujiya has begun revealing the gender identity to colleagues and managers slowly.
Fujiya, who strives to take part in the community's activities, has been accepted by locals, but sometimes it is hard to gain understanding about Fujiya's viewpoint as sexual minority.

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