A Community Newspaper by a Husband and Wife
Hometown Stories
12m 52s

Broadcast on October 20, 2020
Available until November 3, 2021

Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture, is a port town with a population of 35,000. The town had its own newspaper, the Yawatahama Shimbun, which had been published for nearly a century, since it was founded in 1926. A husband-and-wife team: Matsui Kazuhiro 59 and Junko 60, had been producing the paper currently. Residents of the town loved its articles, but the couple decided to bring the paper's long history to an end. The program follows their one-month journey to the final day of the small newspaper company. (This program was broadcast on October 6, 2020.)

photo The final issue of the Yawatahama Shimbun which has been with the town for 94 years photo Matsui Kazuhiro and Junko who produced the paper photo Kazuhiro wrote all the articles focusing on reports of local revitalization.