A Story of a Geiko in Nara
Hometown Stories
11m 47s

Broadcast on March 30, 2021
Available until March 30, 2022

Stories about people, stories about life. Hometown Stories offer intimate portraits of people from around Japan, each of whom are leading diverse lives while enriching the experiences of others. This episode features geiko in Nara, the ancient capital located in Western Japan. Geiko, as geisha are called in the Kansai region including Nara, are the women who entertain customers by performing traditional songs, dance and three-stringed musical instrument, shamisen. We take a glimpse of the life of a geiko in Nara, Kikuno, who is striving to keep the tradition alive into future generations. (This program was broadcast on July 7, 2020.)

photo Kikuno has been working as a geiko in Nara. photo Kikuno (left) trains young apprentices to pass on the skills she has learned from her seniors. photo Kikuno (center) performing on stage with her apprentices.