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Afghan Man Strives to Help His Homeland from Japan

Culture Crossroads

Broadcast on January 26, 2022 Available until February 9, 2023

Afghanistan is facing a grave humanitarian crisis following the Taliban's regaining power in August 2021. Afghan-born Baburi Ashraf sells Afghan-specialty dried fruits in Japan to support people in his home country. We follow Ashraf's struggle to keep his aid going amid stagnant logistics. (This program was broadcast on January 12, 2022.)

Baburi Ashraf sells Afghan-produced dried fruits at a shop in Chiba Prefecture.
The dried fruits: Pesticide-free apricots, figs, grapes and other fruits dried in the sun for 40 days
Harvested grapes: Baburi practices fair trade with 34 contracted farmers.
An Afghan border with Pakistan, a gateway for export, has been closed, stranding many large loaded trucks there.

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