11m 13s

Enchanted by the Hues of Gifu

Where We Call Home

Broadcast on March 8, 2022 Available until March 22, 2023

This episode features German-native knitting artist, Bernd Kestler. With innovative designs and a unique palette, his creations have gathered quite a following, and he has published nine books so far. We follow Bernd's work, his love for nature of Gifu, located in the center of Japan, and his efforts to enliven the prefecture.

Bernd Kestler grew interested in knitting under the influence of his old sister and learned the skill by himself at the age of 12.
One of Kestler's works. He is pursuing a new way of expression beyond the conventional idea of knitting.
Kestler visits various parts of Gifu Prefecture by motorcycle and picks a color from a scenery he liked for the motif of his work.
He has also begun making original knitting wool with a dye studio.

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