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New Country, New Life, New Dream

Where We Call Home

Broadcast on February 22, 2022 Available until March 8, 2023

Featured in this story is Maurice Torralba from Cuba. He works as a support PE teacher at a high school in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki, in southwestern Japan. Once a promising volleyball player in Cuba, Maurice had to give up his competitive career at a young age, due to severe spinal hernia. Later on, he married a Japanese woman, and now, he is pursuing a new dream in his second homeland. (This program was broadcast on February 8, 2022.)

Maurice, 195 cm tall, was chosen as a member of the Cuban national team at age 16. The team won a North and Central American championship three years in a row.
As he devoted his life to sports, Maurice developed his own training philosophy: he never gets angry at his students, no matter what.
His wife, Nahoko, is a dentist who loves salsa. The two met when she was traveling in Cuba.

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