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Beer Brewing in Harmony with Kyoto

Where We Call Home

Broadcast on January 25, 2022 Available until February 8, 2023

Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto embodies the beauty of the country's traditional culture. In the city is a craft beer brewery opened by three foreigners who love Kyoto. Business was brisk at first, but then the coronavirus pandemic hit. This episode follows the three men's efforts to stick to their policy of brewing genuinely made-in-Kyoto beer, even in difficult situations. (This program was broadcast on January 11, 2022.)

Chris Hainge from the US used to teach English at a school in Aomori before realizing his dream of moving to Kyoto. In 2015, he opened a craft beer brewery with his friends.
The brewery's craft beer gained popularity with its original taste and aroma, but as COVID-19 restrictions were imposed on their client restaurants and bars, its orders plummeted by as much as 97 percent.
The three have pursued the goal of brewing beer that's uniquely "Kyoto" with locally-grown hops.
While struggling to keep afloat amid the pandemic, they succeeded in brewing beer with hops grown in Yosano Town in northern Kyoto Prefecture.

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