Together We Can Make It Through!
Where We Call Home
11m 10s

Broadcast on March 2, 2021
Available until March 2, 2022

Vietnam-born Do Van Tuan, a foreign resident in Japan is the chairman of the Sendai Vietnamese Association, and provides support to fellow Vietnamese who are having trouble making ends meet in Japan. The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on foreigners living in Japan; many have found themselves out of work, some even without a place to live. Ever since the country declared an official state of emergency, Tuan has been receiving more requests for assistance than ever before. (This program was broadcast on November 10, 2020.)

photo Do Van Tuan delivers food and other supplies to fellow Vietnamese in need. photo Ever since the state of emergency, Tuan has been stocking food he’s paid for out of his own pocket, ready to be delivered to those in need at any moment. photo Tuan came to Japan from Vietnam eight years ago. He’s built up a career working as an interpreter, translator and language teacher. photo Vietnamese nationals learn Japanese from volunteer teachers at classes set up by Tuan. And an increasing number of Japanese locals are joining him.