Virtual Travel Brings Joy to the Elderly: Nursing Tech Pioneer Kenta Toshima
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12m 12s

Broadcast on March 18, 2020
Available until March 18, 2021

Japan is the world's leading super-aged society. Elderly people with reduced physical abilities tend to receive little stimulation and become prone to developing dementia. Rehabilitation is essential in helping them to recover their physical abilities, but the repetitive routines it involves cause many of them to lose motivation. A researcher is trying to solve this problem, which many caregivers face, using virtual reality. Kenta Toshima of the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology is helping elderly people take "VR trips" to memorable places or famous tourist sites.

photo Kenta Toshima photo Toshima holds events across Japan to offer people the experience of "VR trips." photo The 360-degree image is filmed with a VR camera with six lenses.