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Tips for Daily Manners to Make Your Life Easier in Japan

Living in Japan

Broadcast on February 6, 2022 Available until February 6, 2023

Have you ever felt uneasy or embarrassed because you didn’t know the right way to act? Every country and society has its own manners. Local folks take them for granted, but newcomers may struggle to figure them out. Anastasia Monakova, a Special Advisor for NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s Russian language service, has been in that position. She’s since become accustomed to life in Japan and joins us to share what she’s learned about everyday encounters. Also in the program, Nagatomo Asako—one of our radio producers—explains the history of Valentine’s Day in Japan and tells us about some recent innovations.

【Guest】 Anastasia Monakova, Special Advisor for NHK WORLD-JAPAN Russian language service team

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