11m 34s

Domaru Type Armour with Varicolored Lacing (Red Thread at Shoulders)

The Magic of Japanese Masterpieces

Broadcast on March 16, 2017 Available until March 31, 2029

The domaru is one of the representative styles of Japanese armour. Starting out as the armour of low-ranking foot soldiers, it gradually came to be used by even samurai of the first rank. The domaru suit introduced in this program is believed to have been made in the 15th century for the lord of a northern Japanese domain. Japanese armour was made by linking pieces of metal and leather with cord and its distinctive patterns were produced where the cord appeared on the surface. A mixed navy blue and red twine was used over most of this domaru suit but the red-only cord of the shoulders, chest and some other places produces a particularly brilliant effect. The golden metal decorations are also superbly crafted and truly sumptuous. The Japanese armour was a composite artwork made by the artisans of diverse trades.


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