11m 22s

Articulated Figure, Spiny Lobster (Jizai Ise-ebi okimono)

The Magic of Japanese Masterpieces

Broadcast on September 17, 2015 Available until March 31, 2029

The Articulated Figure,Spiny Lobster, is an astonishing iron ornament fashioned to look exactly like a real lobster. It is rather small for a lobster, measuring only 28cm in length, including the antennae. The body, legs, antennae and tail all also move freely. Models made from iron and other metals like this one are known collectively as articulated figures and have been made in Japan since the early eighteenth century to this day. They have freely moving bodies and joints and perfectly represent such creatures as snakes, hawks and insects. Examples are held in the collections of distinguished museums around the world. Their uniqueness, precision and sheer fascination continues to attract people everywhere across differences of culture and era.


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