11m 54s

Special Program ~We'll answer your question~ part 1

Easy Japanese

Broadcast on September 20, 2021 Available until March 14, 2023

This is the first of a two-part special program to answer questions from listeners of "Easy Japanese." In the first half, we share how some of our listeners overseas use our program in their learning. A father and daughter in India say they really enjoy studying Japanese. A professor teaching Japanese in Brazil explains how she utilizes "Easy Japanese" in her online classes for junior and senior high school students. We also introduce her students who take on a new challenge of learning Japanese despite the uncertainties under the pandemic. In the second half, our program supervisor, Fujinaga Kaoru of the Japan Foundation, answers questions about numbers and characters in Japanese and more.

Pratyancha with her notebook
KC Pal and his daughter Pratyancha
Fujiwara Mari, Visiting Professor, Rio de Janeiro State University

Program Outline