Expansion under a new brand - NHK WORLD-JAPAN Launches in April -

NHK WORLD, the international broadcasting service of NHK, made a fresh start as NHK WORLD-JAPAN in April.

The new name is intended to establish wider global recognition for the service's Japanese roots in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. NHK WORLD-JAPAN will provide a Japanese perspective in trustworthy news coverage and programming in this part of the world. Closer coordination with NHK's domestic services will supply even more content to satisfy the interests of the global audience.


Campaign Character


Born on August 24th 1987, from Okinawa prefecture. Debuts as the main vocalist for Folder in 1997. Begins his solo career in March of 2005.

Thanks to his perfect singing skill and world-class dancing, his performances are unmatched. Has a natural singing voice and a sense of rhythm, a super entertainer able to manage choreography, song writing and playing instruments. His skyrocketing success as a pop icon in Japan has resulted in high expectations for him to expand his horizons on a global scale.


NHK WORLD-JAPAN delivers the latest news from Japan in politics, economy, technology etc. from multilateral perspectives. We also provide crucial information in response to large scale disasters.

Travel Japan

Your video portal for the natural beauty, traditional culture, and attractions of Japan. Highlights from past broadcasts are accessible and organized by theme, region, and season.

Dining with the Chef

Uncover the basics of Japanese cuisine with professionals Chef Saito and Chef Rika as they demonstrate how to create authentic, simple, and stylish dishes.

Biz Stream

Focusing on the latest business trends, corporate developments, and emerging Asian economies, this program examines their background and global impact.

Grand Sumo Highlights

Daily highlights from the Grand Sumo Tournament 6 times a year. Feel the impact as powerful wrestlers clash in the sacred ring.

TV programs line-up

A wide variety of programs is available in English, from economy to pop culture. In our video-on-demand service, some programs offer subtitles and dubbing in 7 languages.