Tokyo and Paris Leaders Share the Olympic Spirit

The leaders of Tokyo and Paris are sharing ideas and initiatives as both cities work towards hosting the Olympics and Paralympics.

Tokyo is preparing for the Summer Games in 2020, followed by Paris, 4 years later. Governor Yuriko Koike and Mayor Anne Hidalgo met in Paris on Monday. They signed a joint statement pledging to cooperate on the Games, as well as on issues affecting the environment, culture and tourism.

Hidalgo offered her personal support for a recycling program that's a unique part of Tokyo's Olympic effort. She handed over old mobile phones that will be used to produce athletes' medals.

Koike also met with corporate leaders at the French Foreign Ministry where she detailed an overseas investment initiative. "One of the pillars of this plan is to make our city more appealing to international businesses and encourage more foreign companies to come to Tokyo," she said, as she gave an example of a facility that supports foreign firms.