Wajima restaurant resumes serving soba after water supply restored

A soba restaurant in Wajima City's Monzen Town resumed serving its homemade noodles to its regular customers, after its water supply was restored. The outage was caused by the Noto Peninsula earthquake on New Year's Day.

Hoshino Keisuke, 45, has been making and serving soba in the town for 23 years. But he was forced to close his shop after the earthquake damaged its roof and cut off its water supply.

The water outage was finally resolved last week, and Hoshino resumed making soba on March 13.

He kneaded the buckwheat flour and spread it thinly, then cut it into thin strips. When customers placed their orders, he boiled the noodles quickly and efficiently, so they could once again enjoy the familiar taste.

A regular customer said, "This is the first time I have had soba this year. It is very delicious."

Regular customers enjoy homemade soba noodles.

Hoshino said, "I was eager to resume serving soba as soon as possible, but I am very glad the customers waited. I want to continue to serve soba this way."

The local chamber of commerce says other soba restaurants in the town are still unable to resume serving noodles due to quake damage.

Hoshino Keisuke