Noto artist springs to action with water-saving laundromat

A new laundromat in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, offers a novel solution to the water shortage caused by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

The facility uses a filtration system to clean the water after each wash, allowing one load's worth of water to be used multiple times.

Used water is collected from laundry machines.
The used water is poured into a filtration system.

The idea came from artist Muroyama Miyabi, 23, who lives in the city and whose home was damaged in the disaster.

After posting a call on a social network service, he received donations of filtration equipment and tanks which he turned into a laundromat. It opened on a trial basis on February 12.

A filtration system for Suzu City's new laundromat

One of the early users said, "I used to wash my clothes in cold river water, so this is a big help."

The laundromat has two tanks that can hold one ton of water. Muroyama is currently monitoring how many cycles it can last before fresh water must be added.

"I'm glad the locals are happy with the project," he says. "But we can't keep replacing the water indefinitely, so we're really hoping to get some support from the government and volunteers."

People in Suzu City say they're delighted with the innovative laundromat.