Consultation service to search for work offered for Ishikawa quake evacuees

Authorities in Ishikawa Prefecture are trying to help people affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake find work through a consultation service targeting evacuees staying at sites such as hotels and inns, often in areas far from their homes.

Officials with Ishikawa Prefecture and the Ishikawa Labor Bureau held a consultation session on February 14 at a ryokan inn at Yamashiro onsen, Kaga City, which has taken in more than 300 people from Wajima, Suzu, and other cities.

People asked about job openings in the area, how to claim unemployment benefits, and other matters.

The Ishikawa Labor Bureau says that a consultation counter set up in early January received roughly 1,800 inquiries about changing jobs and other matters up to February 9.

Next session:
・February 20: Sawayaka Koryukan Pluto in Anamizu Town

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