Site features pets rescued after quake in hopes of reunion with owners

Authorities have created a website with photos and descriptions of rescued dogs and cats with a view to reuniting them with their owners in the wake of the Noto Peninsula earthquake. The site was set up in response to requests from pet owners who were separated from their animals during the evacuation process.

Japan's environment ministry and Ishikawa Prefecture said there had been a string of inquiries about pets immediately after the earthquake.

Dogs and cats rescued in the aftermath of the massive New Year's Day quake are being cared for at public and private facilities in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The site includes photos of dogs and cats and details on their appearance and such things as where they are being kept. There is also information on the fees normally required for sheltering an animal at a facility.

The usual fee for a dog or cat at a public shelter in Ishikawa Prefecture is 4,000 yen plus 400 yen for each day the animal has been kept. The site explains that pet owners who have been affected by the disaster will be granted a discount or waiver.

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At a February 13 news conference, Environment Minister Ito Shintaro said, "Support for pet owners and their animals such as temporary custody services and temporary housing for owners and pets has been provided since the earthquake. We will also offer information on stray pets, which is important for pet owners affected by the disaster."